The second semester has started and the work is already beginning to pile up! It feels crazy that after three and a half years I’m getting close to finishing my degree! Things are getting stressful but I’ve also got plenty to look forward to…

I’ve been getting involved with the University of Bristol Mountaineering Society (I even have a hoodie!) and I’ve been climbing with them in the Peak District and Snowdonia, not to mention all the fancy dress socials I’ve been to! Our last social was with all the other outdoor societies (canoeing, expeditions and caving) and we were each dressed as an element. The climbers had to dress as “sky” which led to some… interesting outfits! There’s only one other arts student in the society so it’s great to get out there and meet people from other subjects. I’m also in the University of Bristol Wind Orchestra, and have just been made lead saxophone. It’s a brilliant unauditioned ensemble and we’ve played music from James Bond and Carmen in our concerts so far this year. Our next concert is coming up at the beginning of March so we’re practising every week for that. My family might even make the journey over from South Wales to see it!
It’s great to have activities like this to look forward to in times of stress and I’m especially excited about taking a trip up to Glasgow next weekend to meet up with all the friends I met working in France! Although last time I saw them I had bright pink hair, so let’s hope they recognise me!

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