My Year Abroad

Reflecting on Freddy’s post below, I thought I’d also give a bit of insight into what I got up to on my Year Abroad. My first half of the year was spent studying in Mexico, which was the absolute dream. Studying is definitely the more social option and I had a lot of weekends free to travel around the various parts of the beautifully diverse country that Mexico is. I chose to stay out there for Christmas, which meant that I had a month more to travel as my second placement didn’t start until February. From then on I worked as an intern at an art gallery in the south of France, an entirely different experience, yet one which I also learned a lot from. My one slight regret was not choosing to be in Latin America for the second half of my Year Abroad, as I could have stayed out and travelled for the rest of the summer. So, I completely agree with Freddy – choose your placements strategically!

I have just sent off an application to teach in Colombia after I graduate, as part of the British Council Language Assistantship. Two-language students at Bristol cannot do this during their Year Abroad because the scheme requires you to work for the entire academic year, and we have to spend four or five months in each of two countries. If this application falls through, I’ll be paying the Bristol Careers Service a few more visits next term!




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