Hello and introductions!

Hi Everyone, I’m Nayuta! This will be my blog for the year, hopefully you’ll find plenty of useful little things on here!

I’m in the fourth year at Bristol and I’m studying French and Spanish — I’ve had a great time since I arrived here in October of 2011. This year I’m living in St. Andrew’s, near Montpelier rail station with four other friends, most of whom I met in my halls (I was in Goldney) during the first year.  I’m an international student, and at the moment I’m trying to decide what to do next year after I graduate. So far I’ve applied to some graduate schemes, but I may decide to go onto further study, either in London or another country!

I also need to stay on top of my studies and keep my deadlines in mind. This term (Teaching Block 1 started in late September and will go through to early February next year) I have two assessed essays to submit before the Christmas break, and two more exams (one in Latin American Modern History, and another on Racine and 17th Century French Tragedy) in January. The grades I make here will be important as they will count towards the final classification I receive when I graduate!

I also have a part-time internship with the University which requires about 10 hours of my time per week, but allows me to gain good work experience whilst studying at the same time. University offers plenty of opportunities to develop your skills (important when it comes to job-searching), so I’ve also joined the Debating Society this year.

With all of this, I will be pretty busy this year, but I will be leaving you with updates at least once every two months. Here’s to us all having a good year, and, if you’re looking, to you finding your dream university (even if it’s not Bristol)!

– Nayuta


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